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Personally I think the pose is fine; it's just the glaring butt crack that makes spiderwoman look like she is naked.  Edit: Greg Land Milos Manara, the guy who drew this, also drew the below image of a clearly naked woman.  It makes me think he knew what he was doing.

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Spiderwoman in general reminds me a lot of TomPreston point.
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This was a counter argument brought here thanks to Pasiphilo Thanks!

I can see the points being made by youtuber Maddox.

But there are just some things I think he is oversimplifying.

He talks about suspension of disbelief used for storytelling as if it's a cure all for anything. Yes, in order to read spiderman or spiderwoman, I had to just accept that a mutant spider gave them spider like powers but that doesn't mean I'm immune to all distractions. Often times, since I like to read Wonder Woman, I'm taken out of the story when her amazon warriors are all wearing highheels and WW is punching a sharkman while in an ass/boob pose. Yea, I KNOW sharkmen don't exist but it was her pose that broke my concentration on reading the story. Basically suspension of disbelief to accept a story is not the same as being distracted by the art itself.

Yes, superheros wear impossibly tight spandex that show off everything about their bodies. However, Maddox seems to assume that because both men and women are in tight clothing that they're equally being sexualized. That's a false equivalence argument. More often male superheros are displayed to be muscular and powerful whereas female superheros are displayed to be sexy.  I think the power fantasy placed on male superheros is equally stupid and sexist (if I dare say that word!) as the sexual fantasies placed on female superheros.  However they're not the same thing.

Furthermore, when he compared spiderman to spiderwoman, spiderwoman clearly has more exaggerated features around her lady bits.  Yes, spiderman has a butt but is it really that defined and oddly deep as spiderwoman's butt?  Also at 5.48, when comparing spiderman in an open legs pose to a redraw of spiderwoman in the same pose; spiderwoman's clearly has a camel-toe, boobsocks, and what appears to be nipple mounds.  Whereas spiderman's private areas are darken and he doesn't have fabric hugging each individual testicle while letting them hang as if in their own pockets.

Also, he seems to attempt to put down criticism of sexualized female characters by implying anyone who thinks it's wrong has a repressed idea of sex. I think that's kind of a sad way to attack the person instead of the argument but speaking for myself I know I have no problems with sex or sexy images. If DC or Marvel comic books want to draw sexy characters because it attracts people then they should. Let them be honest about it because for myself I no longer pretend that most of DC and Marvel isn't soft porn.  It's okay to be soft porn, sure...just like...don't expect people not to notice.

The last claim maddox makes seems to be that 47% of comic book readers are women and therefore those 47% MUST not mind sexualized female characters.  Or, ya know, maybe because sexualized female characters getting so much attention nowadays is because a percentage in that 47% do care along with men in the 53%.  Who knows?

I think these are better responses at Less Tits n' Ass More Kicking Ass

A direct response to maddox's video.…

Using 3D models to talk about poses.…
Since the group is mainly about female characters in fighting attire, it's important that most of the character's body is in view.  We're not exactly about showcasing strong or unique female characters but rather we're about showing convincing combat attire and non-sexualized poses.  I'd like to think of this group as sort of a big reference guide.  Therefore head shots don't really contribute anything here because they're a limited depiction of armor and combat.
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Fightin' Females!

Fightin-Females is a collection of art featuring fictional female characters in convincing compact attire and in non-sexualized poses. As a fan of fantasy and art, I often find myself being hesitate to read comics or watch shows with a female protagonist because it seems inevitable that the writers and artists will sexualize the character out of context for the sake of fan service. Well, I'm tired of it so here is a collection of female characters not doing just that!

:groups: How to Join :groups:

To join Fightin-Females all you have to do is click the "Join Our Group" button at the top of this page. Join requests are automatically approved.

:dalogo: Some Helpful Guidelines about Submissions :dalogo:

Fightin-Females is about promoting what is convincing concerning armor and costumes on female characters, not necessarily what is practical. Fantasy should take liberties with realism to allow for artistic variation.

:Fireworks: by vita-lunaAccurate Female Anatomy: This group is for beginners, hobbyists and professionals but we don't accept over-exaggerations in anatomy for the sake of "sexy." To give some examples of what we do not accept:
:bulletred: Plus-size boobs or ass sizes especially combined with a tiny waist.
:bulletred: Boobs that are perfectly round even without support, a.k.a "balloon boobs."

:pointr:How to Draw Boobs: Shapes, Sizes, Clothing, and Cleavage
:pointr:Guide to Female Anatomy
:pointr:How to Draw Female Characters: Body Types, Muscles, and Breasts.
:pointr:007 Breasts Gallery: Have you seen non-sexualized photos of normal breasts?
:pointr:Different Female Body Types
:pointr:Ladies Tutorial: Face Variation and Body Types
:pointr:Guide to drawing Large Women
:pointr:About thigh gaps on women
:pointr:Varying body types when considering weight

knight emote by budgieishereConvincing Armor & Clothing: A circumstantial requirement that depends on the theme and setting the character is in. Even so, there are a few things as listed which do not make sense if a woman is engaging in combat.
:bulletred: Strapless bras or otherwise minimal support for breasts: Can your character do jumping-jacks in her outfit without causing a boob to fall out?
:bulletred: Boob Shaped Armor: Metal armor crafted to allow each boob to fit into its own pocket. Examples of boob shaped armor & boob socks
:bulletred: Cleavage Holes
:bulletred: High-heels
:bulletred: Minimal Metal/Plate Armor: Women fighting with lethal weapons shouldn't have belly openings or bikini armor.

:bulletgreen: Nudity and immodesty is not considered to be sexualization. For example, there can be female barbarians who aggressively fight topless.

:pointr:Why cleavage is bad for crime fighting
:pointr:Why the shape of breasts in plate armor doesn't work
:pointr:Folds & Clothing Tutorial for Women
:pointr:The Difference between Male Power Fantasies and Male Sexual Fantasies

:archer: by BobSmith006Non-Sexual Poses & Angles: In general, submissions which feature women being sexually alluring rather than combat ready will be declined. This includes provocative poses in which a woman's ass, boobs or crotch is the primary focus of the submission. A few named poses we look for and do not accept:
:bulletred: The Ass-Boob Pose: This pose involves crudely or creatively twisting the spine to somehow keep both butt cheeks and boobs in view. Examples of Ass-Boob pose
:bulletred: The Centaur Pose: This pose involves bending a woman's spine, to a 90 degree angle at most, to make the boobs or the butt more perky. Examples of Centaur Pose

:pointr:Kick-ass women VS sexy-ass women
:pointr:A Short Guilde to Female Characters
:pointr:The Difference between Sexy Women and Sexualization of Women

:bookdiva: About the Folders :bookdiva:

Anthropomorphic Fantasy: The same as any fantasy but characters have animal or monstrous features.

Historical Fantasy: A subgenre of Fantasy which sets itself in moments of human history. Although Historical Fantasy is not required to be historically accurate, it is more defined by no, or at least very little, magic or other supernatural things. Historical Fantasy often asks the question of what could have been if historical events went differently. In other cases, Historical Fantasy simply adds a touch of exaggeration and romanticism to past settings or events.

Modern & Sci-fi: This folder combines two types of fantasy. Modern fantasy is more defined by contemporary setting and issues which are not required to be realistic or truthful. Sci-fi tends to set itself in the future and looks to human innovation for adventure. It is often visually represented by exotic and advanced technology.

Superheroes & Villains: A type of contemporary fantasy that deserves separate consideration for costumes. Superheroes and their villains have a long history of form-fitting clothing for the exact purpose of displaying an athletic body on both male and female characters. While female poses and body types in superhero stories are often sexualized, the silly costumes can happily be accepted as a style. However, boob socks, high heels, thongs, strapless bras and cleavage holes are all still not accepted.

Barbarians: A special exception to the no minimal metal/plate armor requirement in the guidelines above. Barbarians are all about being lewd, crude, and aggressive. They tend to be visually defined by lacking armor often as a result of their own recklessness and desire for violence. As a long standing class in fantasy, female barbarians are welcomed here. Keep in mind that barbarians are not excused from any other guidelines above.

:skullbones: Disclaimers :skullbones:

:bulletred:Fightin-Females is not about promoting modesty. We have nothing against nude models or sex and the women who choose to engage in those activities. We also have nothing against artists who do draw nude women, exaggerated women or who draw porn. This group is about addressing the common practice of sexualizing female characters out of context.

:bulletred:We're not responsible for the content in any of our Friends Away from Home links. We're also not responsible if you happen to find your art there.

:bulletred:Fightin-Females does our best to not use art that is already featured in DeviantArt by the original artist for our journal entries. However, it's impossible to check all of DeviantArt and oversights are bound to happen. Should you happen to find your art in our journal entries and would like us to take it down simply let us know.


:dalove: Affiliate with Us! :dalove:



:reading: FAQ :reading:







:bulletred: Please don't comment with examples of sexual poses and outfits using links to artists on DVart.Spacer

:bulletred: Please don't ask if your art would be accepted or not. Join the group, read the guidelines, and submit what you think will work. =) Spacer
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Non-sexualized Women of Fantasy ----> MADE MY DAY! I am a dummy! 
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I'd join this group but I'm afraid my work is very fetishy and sexual, as sexuality defines me. Drawing sexy outfits is a great joy for me.

Is this alright? Perhaps you might like to view my work and see if my contributions would be acceptable. I might also lurk and contribute nothing ...but it looks like a fine group that I'd like to join.
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Gah--my apologies, I only just realised I tried to submit two pieces here that I didn't mean to. With any luck the one I did mean two--Butterfly--will pass? ^^;
Rodegas Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2014
What a strange name xD
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Awesome, I'm glad I found a group like this! Sick of sexism...everywhere really. 
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